Premiere: The Teen Age, “Sleep Alone”

The Teen Age's video for "Sleep Alone" captures the memory flashes of a week-long bender of brown outs, black outs, make outs, punch outs, wipe outs, and knock outs. A young man with a unquenchable thirst for bar life falls into women like he falls into the street from wrecking his bicycle or ghost punching his own shadow. It's the young man's self-destructionist game set to a highlight reel spanning the three minutes of jangly pop punk soundtrack courtesy of The Teen Age.

Fittingly placed in the band's upcoming Ways To Adapt EP, the chorus on "Sleep Alone" whittles the message down to the hail mary throw during last call that—with just enough of an unshaven face and a wounded animal look in your eye—can produce the results you seek. Or in the case of the video, produce those results with a consistency that will make you a regular at the free clinic to re-up on rubbers. Whether you see the video as celebratory of degenerate behavior or feel the director leaves such matters up to the interpretation of the viewer probably comes down to what age bracket you check on your census.

"Sleep Alone" is off The Teen Age's Ways To Adapt EP out June 3 on Papercup Music. Catch The Teen Age in New York on April 23 at Glasslands and May 1 at Cameo Gallery.