At The Mercy Of It All

It is paradoxical to be human; we come from nature, but it seems we are actively working to destroy it. Sweeping statements about the human condition aside, musings on this contradiction produce art that reflects sensations like sinking into mud while watching a dark tempest form over your head. In other words, thought of this kind is generally not very positive.

Jason Evans’s short film At The Mercy Of It All arrives at this intersection of mankind and nature, covering themes like existentialism and the impermanence of memory. Inspired and featuring music from The Body’s newest album I Shall Die Here (RVNG Intl.), Evans’ film visualizes the bleak, sinister motifs present in The Body’s album.

At The Mercy Of It All follows a man in a log cabin, grappling with—in the words of Evans—the issues presented in the relationship between “geological change and the fragility of mind.” The film accurately reflects the Haxan Cloak-produced I Shall Die Here in all its devastating, dreary desolation. The Body's visual world is not a happy place, but that's exactly how they want it.