Risa Rubin, “Cry Longer”

Post Author: Corinne Pachl

Out this past June, LA native Risa Rubin released a video album called Jewish Unicorn. The album itself explores regret, uncertainty, longing, and the disconnected and strained relationship Risa herself has with her twin brother, among many other emotional topics. Fans of Joanna Newsom and Jessica Pratt will especially enjoy her work, but there’s a little something in it for all fans of indie tunes. We’re pleased to have the exclusive premiere for her new video for “Cry Longer”.

Risa herself plays the folk harp, which is featured throughout this wonderful song; it is her instrument of choice “despite its utter lack of popularity.” Her voice floats effortlessly above the harp’s harmony in a truly lovely, organic tone.

The video compliments the song’s mood just right; without the song, it would catch the viewer off guard with a mixture of old footage from Betty Boop, floating hot-air balloons, and the woman struggling with a dozen balloons in bed, but Risa Rubin’s tune brings everything together.

“Everything will be okay; maybe not today, but one day,” she sings.  The bright colored balloons and birthday party imagery counterbalance the drone underneath the chorus and the tinny notes of the keyboard, evoking the sadness that things aren’t quite right yet – one day they will be, but not yet – and that’s perfectly fine.

Jewish Unicorn is out now.