Rose Villain, “Geisha”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Milan’s stunning multi-talented musician Rose Villain is making some big moves right now. After the immense success of her track “Get The Fuck Out of My Pool” in July, she has officially announced that she’s moving to none other than the beautiful New York City from her current home base of Los Angeles. But that’s not all. She’s also debuting the music video for her new track “Geisha”, and we’ve got the exclusive on it just for you.

The video starts out with Rose Villain driving through the middle of nowhere in an old, beat up Chevy, the vibrant color scheme reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. We’d be remiss if we didn’t note that there’s nothing more noticeable than the fact that she’s driving down “Route 666”, but then her car starts to smoke. The thing is, we aren’t worried about a woman being stranded in the middle of the desert alone. Why? Because it’s Rose Villain, whose persona bleeds badassery more than anything else.

Her gorgeous, scratchy voice bounces, light as a feather, over the laregly electronic track behind her. She dances around the desert, surrounded by colorful smoke bombs and singing of the “look in your eyes / like fireworks in the night.” Although she speaks of love in a playful way, there isn’t a line that sticks with you more than “If you play nice, I’ll rip my kimono apart / and I’ll show you my heart.”


Rose elaborated on the track for us, stating, “It’s about the love for a man and the devotion that a geisha can have, which is very misunderstood. Modern society has depicted geishas incorrectly for many years. Geishas are masters of art, and they’re cultured, intelligent, independent women. So the love of the story is very healthy and individual. My boyfriend does have a tiger tattoo.”

So that answers the question of who she may be speaking of with the line “Man with the tiger tattoo / your love is so true.”

“Geisha” will be released digitally on Friday, October 14th. Keep up with this rising star here.