Shannon Lay, All This Life Going Down

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Shannon Lay’s solo album All This Life Going Down, debuted to critical acclaim this year and the video for the single of the same name is ready for release now.  Lay, the Los Angeles based artist known for playing guitar in the band Feels, has created a gentle, soothing song that invites to you really listen.  The cat in the video is just an added bonus.
“All This Life Going Down” was directed by Brian Lee Hughes, Palmtrees, and Sandy Kim.  The idea was very simple, according to Brian Lee Hughes: “This is the film that answers the question, ‘What would it look like if Shannon Lay sang ‘All This Life Going Down’ whilst perched on the shoulders of a cat named Blood?’”  While it probably started out as a quirky idea, Lay’s voice and acoustic guitar produce the perfect palate cleanser for your mind.  Add in the sofa and a pet that could be in anyone’s home, and you have a video that really does hit all the right notes.
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