Shark?, “Savior”

You would think they’d have learned their lesson by now, but Brooklyn’s Shark? are always getting into questionable hijinks. Whether they’re dodging crazed “California Grrls” or battling space aliens in the desert sun, the band’s videos always pair an excellent tune with some display of well-mannered absurdity.

“Savior” is another wickedly catchy cut from Shark?’s full-length of the same name, released in late 2013. With its sing-a-long chorus and driving guitars, “Savior” soundtracks the band’s most recent video adventure. After finding himself ambushed by two masked alien crusaders (one of which is played by Colleen Green), will our courageous hero reach his happy ending? Take a wild guess. In the meantime, try and learn something from this latest cautionary tale: When Desert Aliens Attack.

Shark? will release their new tape/digital single, Summer Ale, June 17 via Old Flame Records.