DID, “Skills”

Turin, Italy's DID premieres the video for their new upcoming single, "Skills", filmed by Andrea Nissim and Corrado Marchigiano as one continuous shot. Building off 2013's Bad Boys and Hello Hello, the Skills" single schedule for a July 1 release July 1 sports remixes from Larry Gus and Vaghe Stelle.

Watch multi-colored lights flash on the faces of the Italian trio, illuminating the otherwise minimal performance spaces in a backdrop of red, blue, and purple. And even as Andrea's and Corrado's cameras stay fixated on the band from afar, their filming is anything but static. Sorting through the electro dance dialogue, the video for "Skills" presents DID as stoic standing still lives leaving the dazzling electric light show to perform the rest of the picture's motions.

DID talked to us both about the creative challenges and innovatations they tackled in both the new single and video.

Describe the skill set and tools it took to make the track "Skills".

It's crazy. At first we wanted to start by using a sample of a Beyonce vocal but instead we ended up using a sample of a breath before a Beyonce vocal. The mix sounds very rough because we've added an early take to the proper studio recordings that was recorded with a mobile phone in the rehearsal room. The song is definitely a very pop moment for this band but it wasn't recorded in a very pop way.

How did this light-flashing-strobing 80s futurism video come about from Corrado Marchigiano and Andrea Nissim?

The whole idea came from Andrea. That guy is genius. The strength of the video is that it has no editing, no post production. It's one long continuous take. When you suddenly see us appearing from one side of the screen to the other it's because we are actually crawling on the floor. Learning the moves by heart was no doubt the hardest part.

What was it like working with Dennis Young and Liquid Liquid's Sal P and how did they both impact DID's sound?

We are fans of punk funk since day one. Liquid Liquid were our favorite artists even before we had the amazing chance to work together with them. This collaboration made our consideration for LL possibly even stronger.

Thoughts on how the remixes from Vaghe Stalls and Larry Gus influenced "Skills"?

Every time we decide something we are are very impulsive and so it was for our choice of remixers. Probably the only thing that Vaghe Stelle and Larry Gus have in common is that we are big fans of both. The fact that the two remixes are so different and chronologically distant (one seems to come from the future, the other recalls the past of Motown) makes the release even more complete.

I remember that you guys remixed IS Tropical's "Dancing Anymore", are there any other remixes you three are working on right now?

Actually we are working hard on some new original material. Sadly, we have no time for other remixes.

Notes from the Turin scenes? Favorite Turin based artists?

Ha, there is no scene. Unfortunately, music is not a key aspect in Turin but, inexplicably, it is the only city we could live in right now.

DID's single Skills will be available July 1 via Foolica Records.