Ten Trippy Moments in Sunflower Bean’s “Tame Impala” video

Post Author: Quinn Moreland

Brooklyn trio Sunflower Bean have yet to release a formal album, though we have heard the sprawling psychedelia of singles like “Bread” and “Tame Impala“. Now, the band has unveiled its video for the latter, and unlike earlier visual accompaniments, the NYLON-produced fever dream is anything but homemade. That said, the video still has the band’s surreal “night music” fingerprints all over it. Rather than try to explain the video’s meaning, here is a list of images and symbols that you can analyze yourself instead, ranked from most to least psychedelic.

1. The suggestive sexual undertones from bassist/singer Julia Cumming, while guitarist/singer Nick Kivlen and drummer Jacob Faber chill in a psychedelic glaze. (1:16-1:30)


2. Faber’s head floating in a circle of candles.


3. That scene with Cumming and Kivlen in which Cumming’s dress PERFECTLY matches the floor. (3:59-4:20)


4. The room decorated in those fuzzy neon posters.


5. Hella strobe lights.

6. A rather eery, Queen-like family portrait.


7. Cumming crawling into a refrigerator for no conceivable reason.

8. Those long shots of athletic trophies being doused in paint.

9. The strange cotton candy textured object that flies into Faber’s hands.


10. That moment Cumming’s eyes appear to fall out.