Krill, “Peanut Butter”

Post Author: Amelia Pitcherella

Feisty Boston garage punk rockers Krill have already garnered a reputation for food-related tomfoolery after last year’s release of Lucky Leaves in the form of USB-in-mozzarella-ball. In anticipation of a new four-band split EP with Ovlov, LVL UP, and Radiator Hospital, they’ve introduced something new and equally crude for food lovers in their video for the track “Peanut Butter”, which we covered earlier this month.

Directed by Ellie Marshall, the video is a goofy montage of a peanut butter party with plenty of energy to match the tune. The band and friends get plastered on PB—slapping it on each other’s faces, snorting lines of it, and licking it off each other’s bodies. There’s a tragic PB OD a ways in, but it’s a quick rebound for the crew and the gathering turns into a full-out rave with fog machines, lasers, the works. You’ll never see peanut butter in quite the same way again.