The Curls, “Birdland”

Post Author: Emily Chu

The Curls is a experimental rock / pop group from Chicago comprised of Anna Holmquist, Mick Fansler, Jan Darshall, Jay Poyhonen, and Carl Swoveland. The group has just released their very first music video ever, to their song “Birdland”.

At first thought, the video is super colorful, with no color of the rainbow left out. Different images of people morph together, like a kaleidoscope. Images distort and form into something else, creating a trippy, psychedelic effect. The video is full of random things – hot dogs, a man angrily eating a cantaloupe, a person eating a banana in a very wrong and disturbing way, different people appearing in different colors, random dancing, pizzas, you name it. and it’s probably there. This is an interesting video, to say the least, so check it out.