The Morelings "Before"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Philadelphia based dark pop group The Morelings are back to deliver more experimental work with their latest music video for “Before.” It’s a Lynchian rabbit hole, oozing in dream pop beginnings and prog-rock sprinklings, exploring hazy images and a tone out of Donnie Darko. The track itself is steeped in strung out breakdowns, listening like a demo from Beach House’s Depression Cherry.
The Morelings, founded by Matthew William and Kedra Caroline, blend noise pop with the 90s influenced rock, a sort of mish mosh between Sleater Kinney and Slowdive. After releasing their three track debut EP in January 2015, entitled No Sign, the band toured the East Coast and Midwest, eventually set to work on their debut LP, released this past September, Same Century via Mostly Venus Records (digital) and Custom Made Music (tapes and vinyl). The Morelings’ next show will be on December 9th at art space PhilaMOCA called “Excursions in Light” with Dead Leaf Echo (NYC). Tickets can be purchased here. Go ahead and stream the newest album here.