The Tins, “They Aren't Evil”

Buffalo, NY's The Tins are proud to announce their forthcoming new EP, Young Blame, available July 29, and the premiere their Endless Eye video for, "They Aren't Evil". Following up the T-Rex hat-tip titled album Life's a Gas from 2012, the trio of Adam Putzer, Mike Santillo, and Dave Muntner present a catchy play on the components and tenets of character.

The video for "They Aren't Evil" is like a circus performance of the absurd. Real life, everyday people are introduced in quick takes surrounded by odd and errant effects of aura and polychromatic environments. Mike's keyboards cue Dave's percussion programs, as Adam's guitars introduce the cartoon-ish cast from a cleaver-wielding lunatic; a spiritually-balanced ensemble; deserters and dissenters of zen; a man in a moose suit; house-cleaning crazies; woman versus plant; one business bozo getting crazy with shaving cream; a burger grilling bro; and a serious savant of the classic strings. The semiotics of everybody's dispositions are played out in a game of guessing and attemptive understanding of manic, polar opposites and mood swings. Consider Adam and Mike's depictions of human comparative contrasts like, "I like to go and play, you like to hide away," to the mutual comprise of, "I won't get carried away, and you don't get carried away." The Tins find that meaning and balance in the outward appearance of madness and meshugas by finding common ground between extremities. We had the chance to talk to both The Tins and the creative minds at Endless Eye about the video and EP.

[to ]Los Angeles based Endless Eye] Tell us about the making of this wild, eccentric, and wacky video for, "They Aren't Evil" from Endless Eye.

"They Aren't Evil" is a series of 5,712 still photographs. All of the effects were done in camera using a long exposure technique known as light painting. We put our subjects in front of a black background, turned off the lights and opened the shutter on our camera. We used a range of tools, from fiber optic wands for kids to almost any kind of LED you can imagine. The trick for this video was that every frame needed to be done in succession so having control over the lights was key. Some of the toys needed to be hacked so they could turn on and off easily. The video was made over many late nights with close friends and was a lot of fun.

[For The Tins] What was the process of recording your upcoming Young Blame EP like?

Short question with many possible long answers. To overly summarize, we wrote and then fleshed out the songs as best we could in our practice space, and then brought them into the studio. Many different arrangements were attempted before our ears were satisfied (even though we are never really satisfied). It's a rewarding process to watch a song develop from infancy to completion.

What items of 'blame' were the biggest influences when making this record?

The past. Movement is a big part of the EP, and it is easy to blame one's past for his/her current situation, or lack/abundance of movement.

The latest from the scene in Buffalo, NY?

The warm weather is nearly here, so everyone is putting away their snow boots and partying like it's the summer of 1999. The actual music scene is thriving, with summer concerts every weekend and packed bars playing live music from all walks of life.

Catch The Tins on the following dates:

11 Buffalo, NY at the Buffalo Iron Works
17 Rochester, NY at The Bug Jar
18 Somerville, MA at Johnny D's
19 Brooklyn, NY at The Rock Shop
20 Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie
21 Annapolis, MD at Metropolitan Kitchen
22 Pittsburgh, PA at Howler's Coyote Cafe
23 Columbus, Ohio at Woodlands Tavern
24 Chicago, IL at the Grand Bar
25 Des Moines, IA at Vaudeville Mews
26 Salt Lake City, UT at The Dog Pound
28 Los Angeles, CA at the Bootleg
30 San Francisco, CA at the Monarch

02 Seattle, WA at the JewelBox Theater
04 Vancouver, BC at the Electric Owl
05 Boise, ID at The Bouquet
07 Denver, CO TBD
08 Sioux City, IA at the Vanguard Arts
09 La Crosse, WI at The Root Note

Pre-order for Young Blame is available now via Bandcamp, available July 29.