Thee Oh Sees, “Minotaur”

The final track on the new record from Thee Oh Sees’, Floating Coffin, is called “Minotaur” and the video from the boys was released today through Pitchfork.TV. Directed by members John Dwyer and John Harlow, the video brings the viewer through the troublesome life of a minotaur living in his lonely labyrinth, where the woman he keeps captive takes no interest in him and where he is forced to defend himself when all he wants to do is sit back and watch a little night TV. His daydreams and lonesomeness are terrifyingly familiar, despite the unfamiliarity of his face—we can see the heart of the minotaur and boy is that a sad place.

The lightness in the video comes from the fact that we are staring at John Dwyer’s recognizable, tattooed body, so the pain isn’t all too real. But with a tragic end, the reality hits that the life of the minotaur is not one we’d like to lead, so thank god they aren’t real.

Floating Coffin comes out on April 16 on the Dwyer-owned Castle Face Records. And for some glimpses at our un-minotaur-related SxSW interactions with Thee Oh Sees, click here.