Tidal, “Sounds of the Future”

Is MarioKart for N64 the true universal memory of video game nostalgia for millenials? People who are too young or weren't allowed videogames until they were older perhaps don't have as many fond memories of Donkey Kong or any other Super Nintendo games. Instead, MarioKart was the first time they spent learning the physics of driving, and learning how to leave so many banana peels for their little brothers that there was no way that little bitch wasn't getting lapped. The reason I bring this up is because among the many images of a future life expressed in this video, there is a recurring image of speeding down a roadway that looks a little like an empty, colorized MarioKart for N64 raceway, and it is blissful. The music provides the ultimate new age background to a panacea of images, all beautifully and clearly animated in before being pushed through a fuzzy filter. This is visual candy combining nostalgia for future worlds past with a sugar-coated drone.

This excerpt is taken from side A of a split on Aguirre Records with Rambutan.