Todd Terje, “Inspector Norse”

Todd Terje has a serious identity crisis, but it seems that all are pretty content with that. Terje, a rural man with the personality and an affinity for stimulants that could only fit a city lifestyle, is making music trapped somewhere between 80s synth pop and modern Euro-dance music. The video for his track “Inspector Norse,” depicts Terje’s life stuck in his rural hometown and the simple remedy found in dance and music (and drugs).

Todd Terje’s forthcoming LP It's Album Time is out April 8 on Olsen Records.

1. Intro (It's Album Time)
2. Leisure Suit Preben
3. Preben Goes To Acapulco
4. Svensk Sas
5. Strandbar
6. Delorean Dynamite
7. Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)
8. Alfonso Muskedunder
9. Swing Star Part I
10. Swing Star Part II
11. Oh Joy
12. Inspector Norse