Trippple Nippples, “Quetzalcoatl”

This new video from wild Japanese favorites Trippple Nippples reminds us at Impose of something they told us when we interviewed them a little while back.

"IMPOSE: Where does the inspiration for your costumes and performances lie?
Joseph: Oceania.
Jimmy: We’re just trying to pay respect to our ancestors.
Joseph: And the Pacific. Literally we are–we’re not kidding. That’s where it comes from. There’s a little bit of Africa and a little bit of China, but it’s mainly Oceania through a Japanese filtration system.
Jimmy/Joseph: Ancestor worship…(giggle)
Yuka: I think we didn’t worship our ancestors enough before, but we realized our ancestors made us be here. So we thought we should respect our ancestors – Jo's ancestors used to chop up enemies heads and make human Xmas trees–he is Scottish. We may not do that, but once upon a time we were all warriors! It's in the blood, cant you feel it every now and then?"
Seems like the Nippps have moved on from African and Oceanic to servicing the ancestry of American culture with this new video. The Quetzalcoatl is a god of the MesoAmerican people, and the tribal influences ride through the song and the video.