Tropico Duclos, “Song For Kim Gordon”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“For all the girls who don’t want to be mothers, lovers, or bitches.”

History Being Made

Tropico Duclos is the first premiere IMPOSE has ever had from a Uruguayan band. The trio from Montevideo, Uruguay,—a city of 1 and a quarter million people—consists of Matías Rodríguez (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Leoandro Rebellato (bass, synth), and Manuel Sounto (drums).


Taking direction from alternative rock, shoegaze, nugaze and even the Brooklyn scene, Tropico Duclos have a handful of heroes in the industry:

  • Sonic Youth
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • The Cure
  • Ride
  • Spacement 3
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Initial Thoughts

“Song For Kim Gordon” is a meaningful tribute. Its modest climb into the screeching upper echelons of Matías Rodríguez’s guitar are reminescent of Sciflyer and take complete control of the song. In what could be a distraction from the build, this is where Tropico Duclos shines brightest in their debut release.


Beginning just this year as a solo project, Tropico Duclos rapidly formed into its now atmospheric collective. “Song For Kim Gordon” will be out in vinyl this February in 2017, by their own label, in conjunction with two others from Argentina: Caracol Rojo and Hallo Discos.

Kim Gordon was a founding member of the post-punk, experimental rock outfit Sonic Youth. In total, releasing 16 studio albums between 1981 and 2009. As both a musician and a visual artist, her work has been in international galleries, and she appeared in the season six finale of Gilmore Girls.


Still in love with the quick pickup found within the first half of “Song For Kim Gordon”, it’s a worthy debut single from Tropico Duclos. In what I find to be an abrupt ending, conflicting with much of the smoother gliding throughout the rest of the piece, what Matías Rodríguez has brought together is fascinating. Nailing their soundscape—truly—in a homage to their heroes, makes it worth a listen. 3/5.


You can support Tropico Duclos on their Bandcamp, while they look to expand to international audiences, and keep up with them on Facebook for announcements.