U.S. Girls, “Jack”

Megan Remy's voice and persona keeps extending, more and more, into the arena of the psychotic lover that you just can't resist, and this new U.S. Girl's video is no exception. Remy is in various states of glitter throughout, sometimes literally rolling around in it in sequins, sometimes with just a hint of it in her eyes while she's wearing a pun on business casual. She never seems to be looking directly at the camera, but she is singing to YOU, sir, directly to YOU, and you'll be damned if you can resist it. The shuffle-shuffle '70s rock goddess is exemplified throughout – you get a distinct feeling that Remy could either entertain all the guests at your party with endless yarns of adventure if she was happy, or come into your place of business and smash and archaic mimeograph machine if she was not. All-in-all, not a bad way to write a pop song.

"Jack" is coming out as a single on FatCat Records on September 17th and you can download it for a limited time here.