Premiere: Zac Nelson, “Amazone Wall Smasher (Gertrude Leaves the House)”

You may have heard of Zac Nelson before, from his collaborations with Zac Hill in CHLL PLL to his recordings as Hexlove. If you have, you know of his percussive ingenuity. If not, let us show you with his new video “Amazone Wall Smasher (Gertrude Leaves the House)”, off his recent album Charbroile through Debacle Records.

The video is pretty surreal. Multiple projections filter over each other into abstractions, and a lot of the time you aren't quite sure what you are looking at. What stands out is a giant crawling hand, a strange man creeping on all fours, and an erotic exercise ball. As bizarre as that sounds, these images go well with the track. “Amazone Wall Smasher (Gertrude Leaves the House)” is overflowing with manic vitality. Nelson's percussion is intricate, and when combined with slippery synths and a beefy bass, makes for a track that intrinsically satisfying.