Beef Friday Continued: Creaky Boards vs. Coldplay

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Call me Paul Revere or Dexy the Midnight Runner!

As if there was not enough reason to hate that red-coated, Apple–child and corporation–loving, power pop writing wanker Chris Martin, now the Brit bloke has boosted a Brooklynite's song. First his wife fakes an accent, now he's faking creativity? Andrew Hoepfner of Creaky Boards is claiming to have written a song called “The Songs I Didn't Write”, suspiciously similar to “Viva La Vida” two years prior to the current smash hit. Oh, the cruel irony!

This staff has always felt the Revolutionary War was far from over, but now it's time we have a Brooklyn tea bag party the next time the Arctic Monkeys try to cross the pond.

Creaky Boards, “The Songs I Didn't Write”


No Defalcation Without Representation! Hoepfner is handling it like the bigger man and rightfully so, his song is about chilling in your bedroom, not British Imperialism or whatever the deuce Martin is babbling about. Seriously iTunes, does a song about the crusades seem marketable? “Our product will come into your home like a religious zealot in the night and claim your house too holy for you to inhabit!” Is the iPod the holy grail? Don't worry, iTunes is just subliminally asserting an anti-Muslim agenda!

Creaky Boards' LP Brooklyn Is Love will be available sometime this year, while Coldplay's “Viva El Plagio” is getting boycotted like stamps and sugar! Let's Get Colonial!