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Yesterday, Black Dice member Eric Copeland told Pitchfork that “our contract ended with DFA, and by that time a lot had changed for both them and us where the match wasn't quite as right as five years ago. So we parted amicably. Paw Tracks asked us and it has been a really easy experience, zero bullshit.”

The match wasn't quite right? Really? This is James Murphy, interviewed by Amplifier sometime earlier this year in the period leading up to his release of Sound of Silver:

That’s the model for the label entirely is… try and have as much cultural impact as we possibly can. Because I feel like music like Black Dice should be culturally relevant.

It's not the only time he's expressed his attachment and admiration for the band. From Sentimentalist:

…[I] love my label, love DFA. Love Black Dice and Juan Maclean. These are crazy people. They make crazy people music. And I'm the pop band and my job is to go make pop records and go on tour and do things as horribly as I can and pay the bills and turn the spotlight and help some of these bands reach their promise…

Load Blown is out on Paw Tracks October 23.


01 Kokomo
02 Roll Up
03 Gore
04 Bottom Feeder
05 Scavenger
06 Drool
07 Toka Toka
08 Cowboy Soundcheck
09 Bananas
10 Manoman