Ciara's label accidently leaking entire album

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The title is misleading, but I do have a theory regarding Ciara's record label. They are so caught up in promoting her album that they have yet to realize that they have leaked almost the entire thing onto the web. Or is that how we are doing it now? Just give out the whole album track by track because no one is going to buy the CD anyway? In fact, shit, I just came up with the new answer to all the record labels' problems. Release each song with a video and sell it as a video/MP3 package on iTunes. One release a week or something. Thank me now, Lyor Cohen.


Yeah, there are a ton of Ciara's new songs on the web right now, so I thought I'd compile them all here and let you decide what you think. I think “High Price” is the tightest song ever and, at the same time, the worst song ever if for only one reason: the line “Don't it look softer than a McDonald's hamburger bun”. Just awful. But the song is pure heat and Luda's verse is one of the best ones from him I've heard in a while. “Echo” is my second favorite, despite the Knight Rider melody. Note to rap: Leave that god damned show alone. It's been done to death. That being said, I still like the song, so I'm a hypocrite.

Ciara, “High Price” (Feat. Ludacris)

Ciara, “Work” (Prod. Danja)

Ciara, “Echo”

Also, there's a contest on this post! If you can tell me everything that is wrong with this post you win a free PBR from me at the Cake Shop this Friday night at the Impose party. I'll start us off. I said there are a ton of her tracks online, yet there are only four. And also, I wrote more words on this post than I have in any other one aside from the T.I. Paper Trail post a few weeks back, yet the subject isn't interesting to me, let alone anyone who reads Impose. Can you spot any other flaws in this post? Post them below!