Debut: Hunters, “Brat Mouth”

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Brooklyn's Hunters (Press Photo)

Brooklyn's Hunters released an EP on Aagoo called Hands on Fire on Tuesday that was produced by James Iha (?!) and mixed by Nick Zinner. On the song “Brat Mouth”, which is exactly in the middle of the record, Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida mix and match vocals and rhythms to create a bang-your-head catchy pop thing that echoes all the best things about early-to-mid '00s 5 Rue Christine releases. In the middle there is about a 30 second piece of noisey skronk that you can totally air guitar in front of the mirror. Who does that? It's great. Download it below.

(Unnecessary side note: I love to reverse the first letters of Nick Zinner's name; Zick Ninner sounds SO FUNNY to me. Can we all just call him Zick Ninner from now on?)

Hunters, “Brat Mouth”