Doseone, “End&Egg”

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G is for Deep

Rapper, poet, and specialist in eccentricity Doseone has played this game of rap and challenging the stat quo of that word for over a decade. Looking back it hints of intent since the debut, Hemispheres, with a Rorschach test album art, heady-hazy beats courtesy of Five Deez and Lone Catalyst producers Fat Jon and J. Rawls, and a dissertation's length of words explaining his all encompasing station.

The fast-rap afficionado is never short on words nor inspiration and while, the egg on “End&Egg” feels like we've been here before, Doseone is here alone for the first time to deliver his position. He leaves plenty up to interpretation on “End&Egg” with its “you bury skull in soil/ hope it will lily make/ I hate to break it to you though / but it ain't gonna take” refrain. Is this about rappers that try to write songs about a lifestyle they no longer live? Is it about the greater population of privileged artists hitching their Benz-wagon to poverty? Is it about the creative process in general? Do we seek a 180 in interpretation and percieve it as a criticism of freegans or the human race's disconnect to the natural way of things?

As always with Doseone, there's a process of excavating his cave of poems, but there's also a fine opportunity to not get all wrapped up in interpretation and nod in approval to his Buff Love beat box sample and the chaotic polyphonic outro that sounds like an outtake from Themselves circa The No Music.

Doseone, “End&Egg”

Doseone's G is for Deep is out May 29 on Anticon.