Download: Zach Hill, No Age experiment with wanking, bullshit

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Who doesn't love No Age, and Zach Hill, even if they're wanking and bullshitting.

I meant to get excited about this a couple weeks ago, but here it is now.

A Japan tour CD-R that sold out quickly and consists of a 22-minute long sesh cleverly cut into three tracks with the first two totaling about twenty seconds. For those who like to rock, there are drums. For those who like to riff, there are guitars. For those who like to texturize, there is plenty of wanking, and maybe a dollop of bullshit. Delish!

Download: No Age + Zach Hill, Flannel Graduates CD-R Tour EP

Flannel Graduates Tracklist
01 Murder Burger
02 Crummmy Doug
03 California Bird Dudes