Har har har. We're all going to starve…

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The economy's going to hell, and we're going with it!

I love when activists start getting hopeless. That's when they start making really hilarious websites.

A case in point: Are you pissed off that Bush's plan to save our economy is to dump indiscriminate amounts of cash onto our faltering financial system? Well, you're not alone! There's a veritable goldmine of shit piles to be had out there, and Buy My Shitpile isn't about to let it go undervalued. This user-friendly social networking site allows you, the debt-ridden, pissed off citizen, to value your bad assets for government aborption. And remember:

When estimating the value of your 1997 limited edition Hanson single CD “MMMbop”, it's not what you can sell these items for that matters, it's what you think they are worth. The fact that you think they are worth more than anyone will buy them for is what makes them bad assets.

Some undervalued assets from the site: