Important dispatches related to Gowns and girl-based rock camp

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Sometimes I see a bunch of semi-related things and have to convey them to you. Here you go:

Every year around this time, I start noticing benefit shows for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. This year, they involve four nights of Brooklyn rocking (May 28-31), the bands Parts & Labor, Pterodactyl, and Talk Normal, and probably a very high level of excellence. Though the name is really quite self-explanatory, it will be clearer just how amazing an institution this is (give them all that pesky extra money clogging your wallet) once you have consulted the following materials:

This video comes to me via Gowns' Erika Anderson, who taught a class on vocals at the camp last summer (never having taken a vocal lesson herself, incidentally). She's the one shouting “LESS TALK MORE ROCK” then shushing the chorus of voices that immediately take up the chant.

Also this morning, to tide you over while awaiting the new Gowns material they may have been working on (I can't remember if this has a factual basis beyond my hopes), BJ Rubin's Pukekos has also hosted a couple archaic Gowns releases, the long out of print Dangers of Intimacy 3″ cd on Folktale [Correction: the EP has only been intermittently out of print and will be back on pearly white vinyl in a couple weeks. So carpe diem that shit while you have the chance, through the folktale site.] and, rarer and weirder, a tour CDr from 2005. One of maybe 35 tops (says Erika). Tracklist:

1. Johnny
2. Experts
3. Rope
4. Ghost Merry Ribbon
5. Town
6. Quick + Pure + Bright
7. Nobody Home
8. Heaven
9. Paper
10. Feathers
11. Rope
12. Shaved

I mean, who doesn't want to hear as many versions of “Rope” as possible? Go get it.

This continues a pretty exciting last week of Pukekos, including the Coathangers and Yellow Fever.

And so concludes today's edition of Things I Would Like To Direct Your Attention Towards.