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Are you a spring flower with something to prove? Do your parents want you to leave the house for approximately 15-20 hours a week? Are you interested in hanging out with a group of people who understand that the tinfoil hat doesn't protect you from the aliens directly, but instead just keeps out the gamma rays?

Then does Impose have a job for you!

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions in our intern staff, in order of importance. We need people who are willing to commit 15-20 hours a week (or less) to helping us with assorted tasks, including writing news posts for the web site under your own name. While we can't compensate you with any cash, we will make sure you can go see your favorite bands, get clips for your writing career, get college credit, and make you lunch or coffee. We are specifically looking for people in the NYC area and the Sacramento, CA area (Editorial Internship only), although the work can be done by telecommuting.

Positions below:

Editorial Intern

To aid in the day-to-day maintenance and production of web content. Ideal candidates have prior experience in web publishing, copy-editing, listening.
Marketing/Advertising Intern

To aid in outreach to potential advertisers and sponsors. Ideal candidate is highly organized, phone and e-mail savvy and likes to go out to a lot of events. This is a commission-based paid internship.
Video Production Intern
To aid in producing in-house video pieces. Ideal candidates have prior experience with video editing.
Marketing/Design Intern

To aid in the promotion and organization of event and media projects. Ideal candidates have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, book-making, wheatpasting, friends.

To aid in the contribution of words, photos, money. Please see more about pitching stories to Impose here.
Please send inquiries to with the subject line “Interning Woo Woo!”.