Julia Holter, “In the Same Room”

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Let's just continue to obsess over Julia Holter, shall we? Here's the second single off of her upcoming album on RVNG Intl, Ekstasis (MARCH 8 YOU GUYS!! Has anyone started one of those web sites isthenewjuliaholterrecordoutyet.com and when you click it says no until that ONE BLESSED DAY where it's gonna say yes? That day is March 8.) It's called “In the Same Room”. My preferred moments to listen to this track are:

1. Emerging from the subway train, ready to really defeat whatever challenge lies outside of the tube

2. Flying to a new destination through a set of effervescent clouds (no airplane, just using my arms, the old-fashioned way)

3. Eating a large pile of sprightly kale in a log cabin in Nova Scotia on a sunny winter day

God, Julia, still my beating heart. I haven't been reduced to this kind of slobbering, obsessed nonsense since Shabazz Palaces.