Power Animal, “Exorcism”

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Philadelphia's Power Animal was relatively quiet following their debut People Songs on Waaga in 2010. But, we've got the good news concerning Power Animal as its Exorcism EP is scheduled for co-release this month on Crash Symbols/Human Kindness Overflowing; the latter being frontman Keith Hampson's label/charitable non-profit organization. The title track is a feel good jam that seeks the purity of bathing in holy water, but we wouldn't make the rash call of dismissing the message as pushing orthodox. “Exorcism” seeks a deeper bliss than the gross reappropriation it's been assigned in recent trends. Power Animal's bliss comes from the pursuit of living well, even if it kills them, which is a hero's journey for bliss. It makes “Exorcism” the cliff note's song to the teachings of Joseph Campbell.

Power Animal's Exorcism EP is out February 21 on Crash Symbols/Human Kindness Overflowing. The EP is a “pay as much as you want” offer, but every $2 earned will be donated to Philabundance, which provides nine Pennsylvania counties with meals for those in need.