Lee Bannon, “NW/WB”

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Lee Bannon

On “NW/WB”, Bannon manipulates the mid-1990s raver genre, into his dark explorations found on the Caligula Theme Music series and never/mind/the/darkness/of/it EP. He creates a nightmarish situation, not unlike being half-dead in a warehouse watching Zomby perform. All's well until he removes the Guy Fox mask to reveal the RZA and before you can process the mind-fuggery of that, RZA peals back his skin to reveal Bannon, who instead of speaking roars like a lion. You wake up in a cold sweat and there's Bannon at your bedside. He leans in and says, “nevermind the darkness of it”.

You wake again, safe this time, but with the premonition that jungle and drum 'n bass are old enough to become revival genres. The nightmare is never over. “NW/WB” is the deja vu feeling, fed through trap machinations by a spongy savant.