Lil Wayne and the science of hype

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Apparently Lil Wayne and Arthur “Albert” Nobel have some things in common. Along with seeing a little bit of himself in the inventor of dynamite, Lil Wayne has carefully timed the lighting of his own PR fuse to blow up in time for the release of Tha Carter III. Does it really matter at this point that one pissed off DJ leaked his album?Here's the geneology.Lil Wayne starts it up with a wholesale diss to mixtape DJ's everywhere, to a magazine that focuses on mixtapes (could do without vocoder dude saying “Foundation Magazine” every 20 seconds):

Legendary New York DJ Doo Wop responds with a video diss. Don't miss the sizzurp Gremlins metaphor halfway through:

Pissed off DJ Chuck T leaked it. (Good luck finding it through his site. Unsurprisingly, it's down at the moment). Lil Wayne backs out once the damage is done, gets dick sucked by on-air DJ and explains he's only pissed at the DJ's who put Lil Wayne tapes out:

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“First off I ain’t mean to disrespect no deejays, no mixtape deejays, whatever kind of deejay you is, there was no kind of disrespect. Especially given the fact that me and Drama, me and [DJ] Khaled and me and my homeboy Raj Smooth from New Orleans, we all get it in and do the mixtape thing. So given that fact, I think things were blew out of proportion.””I wouldn't be shit with out you to tell you truth”

Kay Slay & Foundation discuss Lil Wayne, reject his apologies, decide he was high and maybe slightly retarded:

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