New: Amanda Blank “Might Like You Better”

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She'll fill your headphones with hope of sexual advances and give great advice on taking care of your stankin' ass

This track has been floating around for a minute but, Amanda Blank is my secret crush. Plus, it's Friday so its gear up for the weekend music time.

That's right. I have a crush on Amanda Blank. Ever since I met her and one of the dudes from Plastic Little at Scribble Jam years ago, I've been harboring naughty thoughts. I would just like to send this out on the world wide web, that I think you might like me better too.

Amanda Blank, “Might Like You Better”

Amanda Blank's album I Love You (sigh) is out July 14 on Downtown Records.
She is also attempting to break into the blogosphere over at She's Lost Control. She occasionally dishes advice to ladies in need; you know, about earrings and how to economically numb and cum.