Newish: Brendan Canning, “Hit The Wall”

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The Wu Tang of anthemic indie pop north of the border has another in the pipes in the form of Brendan Canning, “half of BBS' core duo”. Oddly, though Canning only sings three of the songs from Broken Social Scene's entire body of work, you can hear some of Broken Social Scene's tell tale melodic vocal lines in this track. Unlike most BSS tracks, it suffers no breathing room, instead drenching the composition in layers of minor guitar parts.

Much like last year's Kevin Drew album Spirit If, these are songs that will appear in Broken Social Scene's regular live repertoire.

Brendan Canning, “Hit the Wall”

Track list for Something For All Of Us
01 Something For All of Us
02 Chameleon
03 Hit the Wall
04 Snowballs & Icicles
05 Churches Under the Stairs
06 Love is New
07 Antique Bull
08 All the Best Wooden Toys are Made in Germany
09 Been At It So Long
10 Possible Gernade
11 Take Care, Look Up