NYC: Watch Mountain Goats, vanquish AIDS

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For those who like the Mountain Goats and dislike AIDS, do we have a show for you. Well, we don't have it, Supersnack does, next Friday at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn.

You read the flier right. Along with Mountain Goats, John Oliver, Dave Hill and Rock Plaza Central will grace the Masonic Temple. The $25 ticket's not even that steep considering 100% of its proceeds go to 60-ish AIDS related charities in the tri-state area.

P.S. I like Supersnack's spunky 'tude. It's like they let the snarky interns hijack their mission statement:

Supersnack is a tax-exempt 501c3-pending charitable organization dedicated to preserving the “fun” in volunteer and the “smart” in community. They have raised nearly 60,000 dollars [sic] for AIDSWalk –raising $33,000 in 2007 alone, with no single gift of more than $500. Their mission is to fight everything bad in the world by working to fund research for cures, stopping cruelty (animal, human, earth), and by letting everyone know that making a difference is just as easy as deciding you're going to.