Rumors: Matt + Kim, The Walkmen

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We haven't seen it posted anywhere yet, so we thought we'd toot our horn. (It's actually more of a kazoo, but let's not mince musical instruments here.)

First order of business- Matt and Kim. Now, less than a year ago, Vice didn't seem interested in touching Matt and Kim with Terry Richardson's rusty, nine-foot cock, let alone courting them for a record deal. Things change: bands blow up, and magazines sell out to Viacom. What d'you get? A match made for MTV, college radio, and us. We will always heart Matt and Kim. It makes sense, though: Vice Records was down to a startlingly good reputation and one cock-sucking revival band (that we also love). Now they've got those goth-fags from Europe and our two favorite pop-punkers in all the world. Supposedly! Rumor has it! Rad!

If sources are to be believed (and they are), The Walkmen are also plotting a new move, over to the increasingly indie pop-oriented Gigantic Music for their next LP. Gigantic distinguished itself last year by releasing Aa's GAame, but has gone through some structural changes since Impose's own Derek Evers left the label to run Impose full time. Since then, they are down a website, but seem poised to take on the indie giants, what with their recent release of Kevin Ayer's LP and now The Walkmen. Supposedly.

That's our gossip quota for the month. Back to reading other blogs.