Shlohmo's downtempo acoustics

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The diversity among the L.A. beat scene is worth marveling. There are the party rockers, the jazzy-experimentalists, the a-rhythmical weirdos and there are the chiller cats who provide a calm escape from all the other producers. Shlohmo is of that breed.

Shlohmo's Bad Vibes speaks to the hungover or the worse-off home late, alone and beginning to sober. The cut “Seriously” captures the sound of rain pouring down from a chair next to a window that looks out to an alley. This is the soundtrack to waking up with the optimism of a new day, only to have it stiffled by a dreary gray of storms.

Shlohmo, “Seriously”

Shlohmo's Bad Vibes is out no on Friends of Friends.