Site will trade you credit card for Beatles mp3s

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zaptunes beatles offer

We give Zaptunes about four more minutes before EMI's canine division closes in on their “San Francisco” offices, but in the meantime, the internet startup is offering you any song in a digital arsenal that includes the Beatles in exchange for your credit card number, $25 bucks, and your childlike wonder.

So says:

“We have negotiated with the top label companies to let us offer unlimited downloads to our members in exchange for a loyalty management. With this unique offer, most of the label companies felt it hard to turn down our initiative.”

And with words fit for a Nigerian prince, they've earned some admiration from some music trogs like ourselves who know it's a scam but see fit to cover it like it might not be.

According to Digital Music News, EMI is “already drafting legal paperwork.”

In the meantime, we did some easy background checks of our own. Since Impose Records' digital catalog was never delivered to the site by our services, we know you can also illegaly download some Impose Records classics from Zaptunes. Just give them your social while you're at it.