Who are Super Chron Flight Brothers?

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It is like returning to 2002 underground hip hop without having to regrow your dreadlocks or decide whether you're an Anticon or Definitive Jux fan.

Super Chron Flight Brothers are shrouded in mysterious press release information concerning Tokyo hotel rooms, alien recording equipment and plainclothes police encounters — an imaginative plot clearly influenced by high grade marijuana.

Bluntly stated, Super Chron Flight Brothers recall the abstract days of underground hip hop that thrived on worldly music influences and otherworldly wordplay. Yet, in all its bizarre meditations, the Brothers manage to zero-in on some endearing (if severely weeded) music.

With production handled predominantly by Marmaduke, the record flips obscure chant records from Bangladesh over laser blasts and drums for booming jeep systems. It's a thick record, 17 songs deep, that seep together like the recipe for weed butter. But drizzle this shit over some popcorn and you have one of the finest snacks you'll ever taste.

Super Chron Flight Brothers, “Wings”

Super Chron Flight Brothers, “John McCain”