A Bird, "Polluto"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Breaking up is hard to do, sure, but what about starting over? Having spent years fronting the NJ-based band Those Mockingbirds, artist Adam Bird found a new path for himself indulging influences that were there all along, but weren’t appropriate for his old group.
Stepping out on his own, Adam recently shared his debut single as A Bird with Impose Magazine premiering the video for the track today. The track is an appropriate launching point for the refreshed musician as he sings, “starting over is still starting somewhere.”
“The lyrics to ‘Polluto’ are about the feeling that everyone around you is judging you, the insecurity that it turns out many people have,” shares Bird. “I always felt like I needed to live up to some standard, or that other people’s opinions of me could be improved or shaped if I just did “X”….
Living life that way is a fucking nightmare, and I wanted to write this song as my own personal anthem of reminding myself to stop worrying about everyone else opinions to the detriment of my own.”

Order A Bird’s “Polluto” on iTunes here and stay tuned to Mint 400 Records for more.