Deep Valley No. 1: HAND TO MOUTH

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deep valley zine hand to mouth

We tend to get a lot of creative packages come through our office, but few are as aesthetically pleasing and conceptually sound as the recent Deep Valley zine we received just before our trip to Austin. Beautifully crafted by Oliver Bernsen, the first installment of Deep Valley is a collection of Bernsen's illustrations entitled HAND TO MOUTH.

One of Bernsen's recent installations includes “Escercesm”, a collaboration with Los Angeles sonic purveyors Cliff Dweller involving a series of live projections in vacant corners of downtown Los Angeles, or so the press release says. But this is worth noting because it is Cliff Dweller—which is a revolving cast of collaborators led by classically-trained violinist and composer Ari Balouzian—who scored the When We Get To Heaven soundtrack for HAND TO MOUTH. It provides an ideal backdrop that stands on its own as a composition worth listening to with or without the accompanying artwork. It's a testament to both Balouzian and Bernsen that their work can stand alone, but as a pair, it's an immediate attention grabber.

Listen to the When We Get To Heaven EP, and check out a few of Bernsen's illustrations below. You can purchase phsyical and PDF versions of Deep Valley No. 1 on the Cliff Dweller website [note: there is also a No. 2 now available].

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deep valley hand to mouth

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