Members of Iceage, Lower release mirror album art with new band Vår

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With a name like No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers, it's clear that this Iceage/Lower/Sexdrome side-project was already gearing up to make us feel weird and uncomfortable. The band is Vår, and it's a four-piece from Holland that will release their first full-length with Sacred Bones on May 14. And if you thought all of this was enough, that things couldn't make us less unsettled, get ready for the kicker: the album cover is a mirror. Yes, a mirror. Loke Rahbek says of the cover, it is “a mirror and thus changes with whoever is holding it. Looking at it, you are the cover. Music to remind you to be as pretty as possible.”

I don't even have words to describe this. Those Danes, always keeping us on our toes. Or looking at our reflections. You can watch the video for their debut singe, “In Your Arms,” here.