Four sheets to the wind in France

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Welcome back to Man About Town, a European tour diary from PremRock. When we last heard from PremRock he had a wild time in Le Mans that left him hungover from private collection of rum and ridesharing to Paris with a broken luggage bag. In Paris PremRock met up with his part-time tour mates Dizraeli and DJ Downlow.

Paris really is one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever come across. Romantic in the sense that it doesn’t disappoint any notion you’ve gained from movies, TV and literature. I’ve always pictured myself a young Heminqway in “The Sun Also Rises” or perhaps a lovelorn NBA referee like Billy Crystal in “Forget Paris.” Either way the city oozes that sentimentality and whatever picture you’ve painted in your head. And although they wouldn’t know good beer if it came wrapped in a crossiant, they have the good sense to import (jk luv u guyz). The notion that Parisians thumb their noses to those of us with the blue passport is entirely false. This marks my fourth visit total. I’ve never found anyone particularly rude and with my shitty attempt at a French accent, I’m a sitting duck for anti-American sentiment.

The Paris show, presented by Rider Radio and showcasing some of the most popular French DJs was absolutely insane. I’ve never been a part of such a cracking show. Hundreds of kids streaming in and out until 5AM., which at one point I peeked outside and there was still a line around the block at 3:30AM! The kids were just there to act crazy and show love, it was a far cry from some brutal showcases I’ve seen in my time; this was an incredible feeling. I even woke to emails and Facebook messages from girls sending me pictures asking when I was coming back to Paris and if I remembered seeing them. I mean… look I know where I’m at in the music world, I have no illusions about how known I am… but I don’t care, that will make you blush right there. It’s also worth noting that I think I am full-blown sick right now. This is a challenge with the terrible sleep schedules, and constant rap-usage of my voice. At a certain point adrenaline takes over but still it hasn’t been pleasant as of late. I need some recovery. I feel on top of my game right now and that I could rap my set in my sleep. People pay to see a professional do what they do. That’s what I am, or claim to be, I need to be able to deliver no matter the circumstance.

We performed at La Bellevoise, which is a bit on the posh side but a 5 euro beer is certainly worth it for some of the most beautiful women in the city and the freshest music from all over the world. If you’re feeling up for a sweaty night of all vinyl sets and a truly hip Parisian crowd check out the Zero Zero bar. And be sure to grab the maniacal “Zero Zero juice”. I imagine it’s some Rum hodgepodge but it is sure to knock you on your ass.

I fell asleep around 8 AM which isn’t uncommon in Paris, I believe Downlow was spinning until 5:30AM as well. It was a massive night. We all went our separate ways in the morning as they went to the UK and I to Bordeaux. A fantastic start to an ambitious run and proof that these chances are paying dividends early in the process. My tip to touring or traveling musicians is to book your train/bus trips early… You’ll save a great bit, but in my case I had to have my rent check clear and a few other random struggle things which really cut off my hands in a few cases. I hit the trail lugging my suitcase for the Metro, by my calculations I should have just enough time for dinner and sound check in Bordeaux. Au revoir.

Stay tuned for the next installment from Bordeaux…