Blake Butler's submission wisdom

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Blake Butler's Lit Mag advice

Uber-indie author Blake Butler (the man has two books out in one year!) has delved into his spare time to offer some lit mag advice. First, he unloaded a master list of all of his submissions to magazines between 2006-2008 in a handy-dandy semi-readable chart. The takeaway: even your heroes get rejected.

Upon reflection, Blake gave the world some gems about submitting to lit mags. The submission is always a humbling one, kind of like interviewing for your first job after college—the no's vastly outweight the yesses and you have no idea where to go. But Blake says this:

“Deletion is holy” and “You must keep moving” and then “send to places that might actually like you.” There's 22 of those all with full explanations. Nowhere did I see “start a successful lit blog” but hey, that can't hurt at least.

Read the whole list of 22 here.