James Franco endorses a book

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“I actually haven't read his new book–Sad… True… whatever. But you know, I don't think he actually wants me to read it. I
don't think reading is his thing,” Franco says about Gary Shteyngart in a book trailer that is supposed to be funny. It's all a ploy to get some hype for Shteyngart's new book, Super Sad True Love Story. It worked. Huffington Post, New York Magazine, the New York Observer and me are writing it about it among others.

I think Franco is a student at Columbia where Shteyngart teaches. Franco also sleeps there.

But it kind of makes fun of people for actually reading, noting (ironically/sarcastically/not truthfully) that the author and his students don't actually read, just pretend to read. People will watch this video but not actually read the book, which might be the author's point.

There are other author people in the video, too. Can't figure out if Franco is a freak, a geek or red-faced Spiderman hater in this video. I'll watch it again.