Judging 20 lit mag names

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Antigonish Review, The : Kind of about Antigone, but totally not.
Avatar Review : Edited by James Cameron, or maybe not, no one is ‘sure.’
Bat Terrier : Bats in dog costumes, no–dogs in bat costumes, no–is this a DC Comics 'Ground Zero' reboot?
Blue Pencil Online, The : Stunning pics of 1995-era clipart
Boulevard Magazine : Where all the streets have generic names
Canopic Jar : What type of jar? Smuckers?
Dark Fiction Spotlight, The : Nothing about flashlights accepted.
EDGE : Bet it’s cutting.
Eternal Haunted Summer : Jennifer Love Hewitt fan fic
Future Fire, The : Competes fiercely against Tomorrow’s Tornado
Hobo Camp Review : The only one on this list I want to submit to
hoi polloi – A Literary Journal for the Rest of Us : No problem getting in this one
In The Snake Magazine : Like rats & bile?
KNOCK : Wait, wait, don’t tell me…
Milk Sugar An Online Literary Journal : Um, uh sweet.
Perceptions Literary Magazine : It’s all in the eye of the beholder or something, yeah
Printer's Devil Review : Devil has no issues with rejection
Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers Anthology : This is the most confounding to me. So, the stories are about toy soldiers? From hell? Like about Satan’s minions in the form of GI Joe statues?
Techno-Goth Cthulhu Anthology : Never mind, this is more confounding.
Vapid Kitten : Hello Kitty memoirs

All of these mags are now accepting fiction submissions again. Read more at Duotrope.