Required Reading: Priests' Katie Alice Greer interviews Zu Muzeyyen

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Bros fall back

“The idea, for me, came from a desire to disrupt the peace of the abusive music scene and promote something that'd put people in a position where they'd have to choose whether they defend shitty culture or critique it. It’s really cool that it has spread a lot… Having “political” zines as part of your scene is cool because it serves as a reference point for where people stand, you know? Engaging people on the subjects is cool, seeing how people respond to words/events is useful.” — Zu Muzeyyen discussing his/her/their zine, “Bros Fall Back”

Priests singer Katie Alice Greer recently interviewed Zu Muzeyyen, namesake of the anti-everything Philadelphia activists who started the popular zine “Bros Fall Back,” for The Media. They touched on everything from Muzeyyen's role as events coordinator at Lava Space, the Philly show space Zu was drawn to because it had “the least bureaucracy, bros, or social capital-oriented hurdles to overcome to get involved,” to everyday, ground-level oppression, to the role of DIY spaces in the community, to modern activism, to, of course, “Bros Fall Back.”

Read the full interview here, and check out “Bros Fall Back” here.