Show your book club ID at the door

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How many indie-leaning online book clubs can there be?

First it was The Rumpus.

Then it was The Nervous Breakdown.

I just saw that GOOD magazine has one.

I'm sure I'm missing out on some cool kid book clubs. Don't these people have libraries? Don't they know you're supposed to read books in silence? Don't they know that all book clubs must occur in suburban locations with some type of pot roast that the host “just whipped up”? Can vegans even subscribe to book clubs?

Maybe I'm missing the difference between a club that sends you the book and a club that just asks you to read along. Maybe the only difference is membership fees.

Doesn't Stephen Elliott know he would make more money hiring himself out as a book marketing consultant? He probably already does that and just doesn't write about it in The Daily Rumpus email.

What are the cool book clubs I'm missing? Let me know.

I need to be on the cutting edge of book clubs so I won't be alone with all my paper cuts.