MoFo back and older than ever!

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Start practicing your scenester death stare in the mirror, cuz you and hundreds of other Downtown costumes will be under the heat of the flash come May 27th, Motherfucker's seventh anniversary party.

While we've known The Faint would be headlining the event at Webster Hall, now we've got the juicy details to boot. Goth rooms (gasp!), disco rooms (no!), AND of course the gang: Michael T, Justine D, Johnny T, Georgie Seville, late night performance by Peppermint Gummybear (and Michael T)… It's nice to see the same names at the helm after seven years of unflinchingly flamboyant party-making, but one's gotta wonder how long the party can keep going til everyone and everything about it is a leetle bit OLD.


“Emcees: Mistress Formika & Chi Chi Valenti

Late-Nite Performance by: Michael T & it's Glamorous Follies +
Peppermint Gummybear @ 2:30!


Main Floor Dj's:
Michael T & Justine D
with Special Guests: The Bangers [Salvalas & Fun!]

Spin: Rock & Roll, Glam, Postpunk, New Wave
& a plethora of cocaine DISCO!

In the “Oh My Goth” Coffee Bar:
DJ & Host: Xris Smack! [BYTE]
with Special Guests: Alex Chow & Ryan Rayhill
Plus, Mighty Mike Saga

Spin: Classic Goth & Industrial, Synth Pop & Electro!

Upstairs in Balcony Lounge:
Dave P [Making Time & Fixed]
JDH [fixed]

Spin: Mental Techno, Party Anthems & Sex Jams!

Your Marvelous Hosts:
Astro Earle
Tobell Von Cartier
Ron M
Dina Delicious

Salicious Go Go all Nite!”