Summer Festival Guide 2011

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I don’t watch much of “the Simpsons” but I definitely had a d’oh moment when I realized how easy it would be to catch one of the many music festivals happening this summer. With all the worry over the Rapture, it would've been such a waste for those organizers who rallied to put together well-rounded line-ups (Leftover Crack in Las Vegas! Snoop Dogg in Hartford!). Lucky for us, the world didn't burst into hellfire and we were not all condemned to eternal buttfuckery in the netherworlds. So we can all enjoy these summer festivals in hopes that they may help us keep our minds off of the next, impending doomsday.

WHAT: Bringing it Back for the Kids Fest
WHERE: Rocketown, Fort Lauderdale, FL
WHEN: 13-14 May
HOW MUCH: $30 for a 2-day pass, $20 each day
WHO: Strengthen What Remains, Harbinger, …Break ties, The Dead Legs, The World We Knew, Knock Em Dead, The Mongoloids, Xbishopx, Hope For The Dying, In Reference To A Sinking Ship, Thick As Blood, Call To Preserve, All Hell Breaks Loose, Remembering Never, Casey Jones, Evergreen Terrace, Time Ends, 40 Winters, …Ether, Warfare, Venia, Foundation, Endwell, Know the Score, Until the End (Final Show), Shai Hulud, Hivemind, Every passing Dream, Grenade Face, Lions Lions, Your Demise, Close Your Eyes, Trapped Under Ice, Stick To Your Guns, Terror

WHAT: Operation Restore Maximum Freedom Fest XI
WHERE: UC Davis, Plainfield, California
WHEN: 14 May
HOW MUCH: $10 pre-sale, $15 at door
WHO: UC Davis Samba School, Produce Produce, Kites Sail High, Alak,, Moonpearl, The Rain in Endless Fall, Charles Albright, Ellie Fortune, NO BUNNY, Appetite, Zach Hill, R. Stevie Moore

WHAT: NYC Pop Fest
WHERE: Cake Shop, Paul Smith Sale Shop, Cameo Gallery, Spike Hill, Santos Party House, The Rock Shop, New York City
WHEN: 19 – 22 May
HOW MUCH: Depends on which show, ranging from free to $15 at most
WHO: Pet Milk, Amida, Gold-Bears, Sea Lions, Dream Diary, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Ian & Emma of Pocketbooks, Rose Melberg, Soda Shop, Caucus, The Felt Tips, Betty and the Werewolves, Go Sailor, Balun, Geoffrey O’Connor, Smilelove, Tiny Fireflies, The Specific Heats, Cuffs, Chalk & Numbers, The Sunny Street, Summer Fiction, Darren Hanlon, Days, The Hairs, Kids on a Crime Spree, Persian Rugs, Silver Swans, Procedure Club, Panda Riot, The Motifs, Fan Modine

WHAT: Reclaim the Streets
WHERE: Backstage, Munchen, Germany
WHEN: 20 May
WHO: Booze & Glory, Botox Combo, Bovver Boys, Civet, Evil Conduct, Frontkick, Gimp Fist, Guv’nors, Johnny Wolga, Klingonz, Kotzreiz, Lazy Bastards, Rasta Knast, Razors in the Night, Roger Miret and the Disasters, Skarface

WHAT: Primavera Sound
WHERE: Parc del Forum, Barcelona, Spain
WHEN: 26-28 May
HOW MUCH: $265.65 if bought on Ticketmaster
WHO: The Flaming Lips, Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective, Grinderman, Belle&Sebastian, DJ Shadow, Interpol, Explosions in the Sky, Einst